Rose's mentors and part of her guidance

Thankyou very much to Valerie Barrow whom I met after visiting Uluru and Turkey back in 2017, and subsequently have been on the trail and journey of shamanic rainbow serpent initiation.
I have since realised travelling to many of these sacred sites had a specific serpent / dragon line of shamanic transfer back to the land.
Through Valerie, and my own synchronicity Cosmic Sai Baba has helped me through the darkest nights of my soul, and I honour his spirit and connection with Andromeda. Valerie Barrow has taught me my foundations in connecting to star realms, I am forever in gratitude love and respect to her benevolence- thankyou-thankyou-thankyou :-). A truly beautiful lioness and Queen of the stars.

Her website is

Uluru is the great galactic hub of the world, the womb. There is no greater power than the Grandmother's womb, of our Grandmother earth. I honour the spirits of Goolagaia and Alcheringa whom are connected guardians of Uluru. Through Valerie's guidance and space, only was I able to set in motion more concrete my mission here. Valerie Barrow channels Goolagaia, Alcheringa, Cosmic Sai Baba and Andromeda Val vi remote distance telepathy, through her connection to the star worlds. She is a pure conduit for universal love and such an amazing teacher and guide. I can't thank you enough dear Valerie, you're a true incarnated angel on Earth.

My first Queen is my mother, from the womb I entered this world and will exit upon.
Thus I owe my experience and life to her. There is nothing I can do in this life or in ten lifetimes that could repay to her what she has done for me by giving birth.

I love her so much, for she has done everything unconditionally for me and my life. My Grandmothers, and my great great great great great grandmothers live on through her. She has taught me so much of my knowledge, wisdom and inner strength throughout my childhood. I couldn't have asked for life to gift me a more honourable or beautiful woman to be my mother.

She is my Earth, she is my Fire, she is my Air, she is my Water.
Thankyou mum you are infinite.
Thankyou to my dear pixie and fairy companion Mel. She is abundant in her space and love for me, my true soul sister and partner in crime whom I feel have spent long lives in star realms together.
We are psychically in-tuned with each-others mission on Earth, and are most likely a package deal pre-incarnation (lol). We heal eachother's wounds, and always know the right soul-ution for any given problem we face.

Our meeting here on Earth is a funny synchronicity which started in Peru with two screaming twin sisters in the middle of the night for me, and again faced with the same 'scream time' when back in Sydney from Peru (this time it was Mel) near a giant red gum tree behind the gate of where we both repose.
Long story short, we met after these series (both Peruvian and Sydney) of incidents and they both involved police but fortunately no arrests. Being strong freedom fighters for cosmic sovereignty, combined we are a force to be reckoned with and coin the term 'MelRose Space' when together in companionship.
She is a Queen Bee (Melissae) who creates the sweet seed of nectar in the center of the Rose, from which the petals fold into.
Love you my dear sister, in the realm of infinite consciousness.
Brigitte has taught me empowerment, and guiding me through depths I couldn't have witnessed without her love and intuition. She is a bright practitioner of traditional Tibetan Buddhism, and has undergone through many initiations. Her kindness and compassion in sharing her profound insights and learnt teachings aswell as sacred techniques, continuously helps me through distressing moments. Her love has no bounds, she is truly a being of balance and harmony bringing forward the new earth in the here and now.
An amazingly bright and brave warrior of true spiritual light. She is not afraid to fight for truth and our cosmic sovereignty.
The book I discovered from her (whom I met in Peru) 'Serpent of Light' by Drunvalo Melchidezek outlines in specific these shamanic traditions from Nepal to Peru to NZ post 2012 energies.

It is my belief on Dec 21 2020, the serpent energies anchored in from NZ to Uluru (the rainbow serpent energy lines) consolidating all shamanic traditions converting back into the feminine. During this transition we will be awakened to our multidimensional selves.
Thankyou to the works of Steven and Evan, they are wonderfully versed in Original lore and guardians of the founder races within humanity's original seeded template. They anchor in the male principles of the holy trinity and alchemical union within hierogamy of the authentic male spirit.
Truly benevolent and guided by source, they are such an inspiration for what is to come on our new Earth in discovering more of our ancient traditions and ways of the land, as well as our heightened DNA capacity.
Their artefacts, research and pure magic renders their part of the story in this cosmic arena very important and relevant to our stage in evolution and Earth's frequency as we lift out of the frequency net and distortions that have been placed on Earth for the last 24,000 years into our cosmic sovereignty, peace and harmony as custodians of the planet.

They have the scientific merge needed for the spiritual and magical side of Earth's dimension as we vibrate into higher realms of awareness.
Them along with their wonderful wisdom keepeing, starseed and channelling team, are key navigators in our galactic union with the heavenly star realms.
Their website is

Valerie Barrow & Cosmic Sai Baba


Mel Eves

Brigitte Rieke & Serpent of Light

Steven and Evan Strong