Public apology to Uluru and all affected

I have been contemplating lately about forgiveness and happiness. I am at dire straits having been in the mental health ward the fourth time, coming to realise my own personal combat and trauma within. I'd like to thank the original custodians of this land for doing their part on our collective journey of sovereignty. They have maintained and kept the original dreaming stories. With that I'd like to apologise that the first time I visited Uluru I was married, and whilst I was not forced to stand on Uluru I was coerced into the action whilst taking photographs of the elopement. I since regret making the decision realising it has affected me deeply spiritually and I am sincerely apologetic for this action and ask for compassion and forgiveness from the elders of this land. I have affected alot of people recently with my actions and my spiritual warrior within is asking to protect and ask forgiveness for the well being of all. With this I am deeply sorry and regretful for my actions and misdeeds to all involved in my misunderstandings. May all beings be happy. I love you all.


3/24/2021 1 min read

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