Earth has a crystalline consciousness. We are star beings capable of inter-dimensional travel through our light /crystalline body, as well as within the Earth body.

Gridworking involves visiting leylines and vortices at high energy points which have the capability of being portals to other worlds. Original people of Australia call them songlines. There are many ancient cultures that link in with these grids.

During this completion cycle of 24,000 years into the golden age, currently we are reversing the grids back to their original sentient template healing, and reorganising Gaia's higher dimensions so that the current structures that are based on tyranny and slavery become harmonious again as they had always intended to be. This is the time of Grandmother healing, honouring the womb and her cycles, the comeback of the great divine goddess the cosmic awakening of our universal heart and feminine architectures.

Gaia has called her galactic warriors at this time to help the transition of a new earth based on freedom, peace, love and harmony and the Law of One.

Planetary Grid System image:


All images are from my travels, apart from Cosmic Sai Baba.
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