My name is Rose, and I am an advocate of sovereignty. It is my belief that all beings should be in their divine right as custodians and caretakers of Mother Earth. We are all here in a shared space, and we should all respect one and others customs and cultures, for there is much to learn from one and other. Please respect our land, she is sacred and speaks wisdom to all of us for those who listen. United we stand, divided we fall.



My beautiful friend and mentor, the late Valerie Barrow

Upon visiting Uluru the first time, I recieved thoughts/messages to synchronistically find Valerie Barrow. This woman changed my life to say the least. We became good friends, and she took me under her wing and taught me so much in her final years on earth. There is not enough kind words to describe this amazing woman. To learn more about her legacy please visit her website for more about the importance of Kariong and Uluru:

Important book about gridlines/leylines and initiation of our Earths cycles and sacred sites.

Neo-archeologists, Steven & Evan - Our forgotten Origin about Atllantis and Lemuria (MU).... continent of Australia please visit their website for more about the importance of Kariong and Uluru

& ofcourse the most sacred site on planet earth... Uluru (do you see the snake? do you see the magenta orb from Andromeda?)

Two major shifters in my reality, great researchers, and knowers. Wes Penre and Robert Morning Sky.

Great in "Conspiracy Theories" (started triggering my awakening at the end of the Mayan calendar back in 2012)